It's never too late to start your investing journey.

Flagship Programmes

  • VI Bootcamp English

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    VI Bootcamp English

    An investment programme designed to impart fundamental knowledge in investing with hands-on practical learning to build your financial portfolio through intelligent stock investments and passive income.

  • VI Bootcamp Mandarin

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    VI Bootcamp Mandarin

    Our flagship VI Bootcamp investment programme, conducted in Mandarin.

  • VI Bootcamp Syariah

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    VI Bootcamp Syariah

    An investing programme with Syariah-compliant perspective and focus.


Other Programmes

  • VI OS+

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    VI OS+

    Learn the mechanics of an option contract and how it behaves. Use it to complement your value investing strategy by amplifying your returns and at the same time reduce your risks.

  • ReWealth

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    Called “the most important financial class you will ever attend”; you deserve to lead a life of financial abundance and joy, and it will not happen unless you choose to fix your wealth container today.

  • Infinite Wealth

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    Infinite Wealth

    A holistic personal development and mentoring program – from business strategies, stock investing, healthy living to personal relationships.

  • VI Summit

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    VI Summit

    Since 2012, VI Summit is the largest gathering of value investors in Asia which features renowned investors and fund managers, as well as some of the best investing minds around the world.

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Our Trainers

  • Pauline Teo


    Pauline Teo

    As the author of “Value Investing for Women”, Pauline is very much dedicated in paying it forward by educating the public on how to take charge of their financial future. She strongly believes that we are the best advocates in managing our own finances.

  • Low Chern Hong


    Low Chern Hong

    Armed with a Master in Accounting and Finance, Chern Hong started his career in Deloitte Malaysia and is currently the General Manger overseeing VI’s operations in Malaysia. He hopes to create and improve awareness on the importance of financial literacy in society with value investing knowledge and speaks publicly on the topics through multiple platforms.

  • Alex Ng


    Alex Ng

    With a background in accounting and finance, Alex found his passion of achieving mastery in investing since an early age. He endeavours to share financial management techniques with the masses. By delivering VI College training, he empowers their skills in investment, business management and strategic planning, whilst also honing his at the same time.

  • Choon Yee Sheng


    Choon Yee Sheng

    Yee Sheng was an engineer who was passionate about learning and investments before joining 8VI as a full-time coach. He regularly studies and shares sound investment and financial management knowledge to accelerate both his and the community members’ learning curves. Regardless of background, Yee Sheng strongly believes that financial freedom is not a myth, and through constant learning, everyone can take charge of their finances.

  • Helmy Kasim


    Helmy Kasim

    As the Head of Shariah Investing at 8VI, Helmy has been on his Shariah investing journey for more than 10 years. Having served multinational companies, financial advisory firms and investment banks for the last 18 years, Helmy believes that mastery is a never-ending process and discovered his passion on achieving mastery in investing.

  • Daniel Lim

    An avid investor with practical investing experience, Daniel is a strong advocate of money management combined with financial education to unlock financial success. As a Speaker and Trainer for VI College, Daniel imparts value investing knowledge to students in the English and Malay market. He is also an author and content producer for the VI Community where he actively shares his investing knowledge to his students.

  • Eric Ong


    Eric Ong

    In his capacity as a stockbroker, Eric is regularly featured in the news for his market updates and commentaries. His true passion is to empower retail investors to take control of their own investments. A firm believer that investing is accessible for all through technology, he has actively contributed to the development of VI App and sharing the benefits of the investing platform.

  • Will Huang


    Will Huang

    Armed with a Master in Management from the University of Southampton and a wealth of experience as a professional manager, Will is an avid advocator of achieving financial freedom through investing and earning passive income. On top of his life mission of helping 100,000 people achieve financial freedom, Will is also a regular columnist of the CommonWealth Magazine in Taiwan.

Learning Resources

It’s never too late to start your investing journey.

Are you curious about how to pick winning stock strategies? Discover the secrets of increasing cash flow consistently through stock investing and how to get started even if you have no experience, limited capital, and limited time.

Join us, learn about the ins and outs of value investing and delve into the wealth of resources we have on hand outside of VI College courses.

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  • Behind the Stock

    Dive deep and have a look behind the curtains on the latest trending stocks in this YouTube web series with our VI College speaker and trainer.

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  • 百股经 Bai Gu Jing


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  • Bijak Labur

    Perkongsian mengenai pengetahuan dan kisah teladan dalam perancangan kewangan, model perniagaan, kelebihan dan risiko pelaburan saham. Ketahuilah kekuatan serta kekurangan setiap syarikat yang mempunyai kelebihan serta berpotensi di masa akan datang.

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  • VI Talk

    A series of live broadcasts on Facebook which discusses stocks, handling investments, improving business strategies and returns amidst different market circumstances

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  • 我靠理财活下去

    这节目以「你问我答」的方式,解决你在理财、投资、房产、保险、职场、生活上等的疑惑。 因此,如果你对以上课题抱有任何疑问,那就赶紧发送问题到 ,让我们在节目里边为你解惑吧! 每逢周二晚上8.30分,约定你!

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  • 投资者必知的事


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  • VI 本月热搜


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  • Money Money Home

    A financial literacy programme about the importance of managing personal and home finance in an easy-to-comprehend, light-hearted manner.


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