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Investing has never been easier with VI. Centred on FinEduTech, VI App’s unique stock analysis makes investing Smarter, Faster and Easier than ever before by delivering powerful insights.

Powering learning through technology, VI offers lifelong education on investing and access to a community of investors globally.

Investing made easy for everyone

We work to empower the man-on-the-street to make investment decisions that are smarter, faster and easier. With the right knowledge, tools and support, we believe smart investing can be achievable for everyone.

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    Making investment more achievable for the masses is our mantra.

    Since as early as 2008, we have seen a gap in terms of good financial programmes that are based on in-depth fundamentals and practical approaches. This inspired us to create an easy-to-use financial analysis tool through the use of technology and data.

    Ultimately, our mission is to empower the man-on-the-street to make investment decisions that are smarter, faster and easier. With the right knowledge, tools and support, we believe smart investing can be achievable for everyone.

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Seize control of the stock market and get set for real results as VI App simplifies all key essential financial ratios which makes businesses easier to understand.

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A unique and practical tool, the app promotes investor education and knowledge exchange on a single platform.

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Connect with users within the VI Community through the app’s Social Bubbles and gain deeper knowledge through knowledge sharing and exchange.

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Powered by technologyUnique and practicalIntegrated offering on a single appPowered by technologyUnique and practicalIntegrated offering on a single app


  • ...I was mind-blown because I always thought investing was like gambling... The experience was fantastic... I highly recommend it!

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    Gurmit Singh

    is part of the VI Community

  • Pauline explained the procedures and knowledge of investing in a simple and interesting way...


    Edmund Chen

    recommends VI College

  • The app simplifies all the key essential ratios which makes understanding the business easier for the laymen. Highly recommended!


    Ken Ng

    uses the VI App

  • The VI app is very user friendly and it makes complicated data into very simplify data to understand. It’s definitely a platform for first time investors.


    Gabriel Koh

    uses the VI App

  • The app simplifies the complex. Allowing us to obtain key ratios easily. Highly recommended!


    Nian Qi

    uses the VI App

  • Awesome app that will help you propel your investment value.


    Nicholas Zhang

    uses the VI App

  • Great learning experience. Specially I like the VI App the mostly, this app gave me a lot of information and accounting background.


    Terry Yee

    uses the VI App

  • The investment strategies taught in the 5-day and 3-day bootcamp were pragmatic, logical and comprehensive. The coaches were also very patient and resourceful.

    I was thinking to myself, why didn’t I know this earlier, nonetheless it’s still not too late to start! Thank you VI team!


    Lee Keat Lim

    recommends VI College

  • Great methodology and tools to plan and invest for the future. Not taught in schools but absolutely necessary for everyone.


    Gareth Mun

    recommends VI College

  • 非常感谢 VI 的每一个视频,以一个直接且易懂的方式讲解,从这里学习到了非常多的知识。每一个视频都是满满的价值。感恩


    Eeyinn Gan

    is part of the VI Community

  • 三年前我在这家VI学习价值投资,如今我的生活也不一样,我学会如何分析一间公司的价值。此外,这个知识还能运用在我的生活里~


    Xtian Lee

    uses the VI App

VI App is developed through 8BIT Global Pte Ltd, a licensed Financial Adviser approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore that provides financial advice concerning securities and units in collective investment scheme through research analyses and research reports.

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VI Summit 2021 drew a record 3,528 investors

VI Summit 2021 went fully virtual on 23 & 24 January this year, where our 10th edition of this annual gathering drew a record 3,528 like-minded investors across the Asia Pacific region! Keynote speakers included renowned investors, fund managers and key VI Community leaders and trainers, while newly enhanced VI Line 3.0 and upcoming features for VI App were also unveiled.

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New “Behind The Stock” episodes every Friday

Our latest videos in the series, “Behind The Stock”, are now available. Check out the latest trending stocks such as Alibaba, Ant Financial and more in this YouTube web series, where we dissect and analyse companies to discover and identify investment opportunities. We upload new episodes every Friday!

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Everything you need to know about VI.App

Get up to speed with all the tools and functions on VI App so you can invest smarter, faster, easier. 10 easy episodes will get you where you need to become a VI App power user!

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